> History

In 1965, Eng. Joseph Béchir and a group of young partners founded one of the first Engineering Consulting firms in Beirut, Lebanon, as a Joint Stock Company.

Starting 1969, ETEC extended its professional activities to Saudi Arabia immediately followed by a quick expansion to other countries in the Middle-East, Africa and Europe.

Today, after four decades, and under Eng. Elie Abou–Jaoude’s direction, ETEC continues as a successful institution, and with its devoted staff, to generate an unrivaled reputation for excellence.

> Profile

ETEC is an Engineering and Architectural consulting company. With experienced and highly competent Engineers, Architects, Technicians and Administrative Staff, ETEC offers consultancy services to Government, Corporate and Private clients all over the Middle East, Africa and Europe

ETEC frequently works with partners of various nationalities and joined with international institutions and highly specialized European and American Consultants.

Above all this, ETEC’s main concern is to maintain the highest standards of ethical practice.

> Mission

Deeply based on experience, high expertise and professional teamwork, ETEC’s first commitment is to provide, continuously, applied knowledge services of quality and value to our customers.

In close concert with our customers, we are dedicated to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

> Values

Since four decades, ETEC is guided by firmly held values:

• Ethics: Uncompromising integrity, honesty, openness and
             cooperation are at the heart of our company.

• Quality: Quality and value for the customer.

• Innovation: Development, improvement and sharing of
                    knowledge, information and ideas.

• Empowerment: Decentralization and delegation of authority.

> Staff and Organization

ETEC is a consistent structure teamwork of qualified staff, constituted of Structural and Civil Engineers; Architects and Town Planners; Electrical, Mechanical (HVAC) and Sanitary Engineers; Quantity Surveyors; AutoCAD Operators; Site Supervisors; Administration, Personnel and Financial Managers.

Organization Chart

> Quality Control and Policy

• Quality is our major concern, it is an integral part of our business.

• ETEC maintains high standards for quality as per ISO

• Our Project Managers, armed with the empowerment policy,
apply Quality System Procedures to all our design units and to
all joint – ventures.

• At the completion of each project, lessons learned are
documented and archived.

• Improvement of our work methodology, technical and
managerial, is in permanent development.

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