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Water Treatment Plant

City: Tripoly
Country: Lebanon
Area: _
Client: CDR
Mission: Schematic Design & Tender Documents
Year: 2001
value: 80 000 000 $


In association with Biwater Construction Company, the work consisted in the preparation of a schematic design and the tender for Tripoly water treatment plant (1 million persons). The project includes: Inlet Pumping Station, Screens, Grit Chambers, Measuring Channels, Primary Sedimentation Tanks, Aeration Tanks, Blower House, Secondary Sedimentation Tanks, Final Effluent Pumping Station, Sludge Pumping Station, Raw Sludge Thickeners, Digesters, Boiler Room, Digested Sludge Thickeners, Dewatering Building, Gas Holding Tank, Gas Flair, Transformer Station, Power Station, Fuel Tanks, Odor Control Units, Administration Building / Control Room, Office Building / Laboratory, Workshop and Guard House.

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Concept, Design & Implementation by Element I2