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South Beka'a - Al Masna'a Highway Study

City: _
Country: Lebanon
Area: _
Client: CDR
Mission: Technical and Economical Feasibility Study
Year: 2003 - 2005
value: 325 000.000 $


This Highway of 137 km long realize the connection between Tyr (South Lebanon) and Al-Masna'a (Syrian border point). The feasibility study aimed to verify the social response of the intervention with justifications of the technical and financial performance to be expected. The study carried out covered the following works: collection of aerial and 1/20.000 land maps, establishment of a traffic flow characterestic covering the zone from the Beirut-Damascus road till the south of Lebanon, as well as archeological and topographical survey along the proposed corridor, a normal site assessment, a socio-economic environment, a detailed reconnaissance along the layout implementation, in addition to an environmental impact assessment study complete with the baseline environmental conditions, identification and analysis of potential environment impact with public participation study. The feasibility study leaded to a definition of an adequate layout of the road (among several alternatives), to an economic cost estimate of the project with the profitibility indicators and recommendations in conformity with the World Bank guidance plan and standards.

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