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Deir-El-Natour Sea Golf

City: Hraysheh
Country: Lebanon
Area: 270 000 m2
Client: Private
Mission: Preliminary Design
Year: 1996
value: 90 000 000 $


The coastal road of Enfeh village, 70 Kms to the North of Beirut split the 45-hectare site dedicated to the project in two lots. The design intended, taking into consideration the developer's requirements, to provide in the lower part adjacent to the sea, the touristic resort (120-rooms hotel, chalets, appartments, Olympic swimming pool, marina), the shopping mall, various recreational facilities (country club cinemas, splash mountain, water features, etc...) and restaurants. On the other hand, the upper part (2/3 of the site area) was to receive the Golf Club: 18-hole international golf course, club house, 200 rooms hotel, riding club, 100 bungalows, 100 furnished apartments building, 5 villas, swimming pools and a lake.

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Concept, Design & Implementation by Element I2