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Recreational City Parks

City: Tarut, Al-Aziziyyah, Gebel Kara, Dammam- Khobar Island, Al-Hasa
Country: Saudi Arabia
Area: _
Client: Government
Mission: Design in Association
Year: 1982
value: 35 000 000 $


"The recreational City Parks projects had been launched by the Ministry of Rural and Municipal Affairs of the Saudi Kingdom. One common program had been adopted for these 5 parks, offering for the inhabitants of the different cities the following activities and facilities:" Multi-purpose hall, a play house, workshops, restaurants, indoor swimming pool., buildings, sanitary facilities and the administrative offices. Also, the landscaped sites feature a Luna park, an open-air theater, picnic areas, a botanical garden, a pony ranch, a speed racer track (train for 28 persons), play areas for children, tennis courts and volley-ball terrains, water features, a jetty and old ships marina (only for Dammam-Khobar Island) and finally shaded parking lots for the visitors.

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