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Multipurpose Hall

City: Dubai
Country: U.A.E
Area: 15 000 m2
Client: Corporate
Mission: Preliminary Design
Year: 2005
value: 26 000 000 $


"The concept is mainly to design an ice skating rink providing an arena for 4900 seats, and at the same time to be modified for other sports and social activities such as: basket-ball and volley-ball, gymnastics, boxing, wrestling, health center, musical concerts, congress hall, social club, etc. This diversification and multiple uses, thus created, make the project much more attractive and economically more viable." "In addition to this, are designed a press room, spaces for official personalities, snack-bars and lavatories for spectators (men & women); and for the athletics changing rooms and sanitary facilities. Also, a parking lot for 1000 cars is proposed."

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Concept, Design & Implementation by Element I2