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Saints-Coeurs Secondary Schools

City: Aley Mashgharah Damour Ain-Najm Kfar-Hbab
Country: Lebanon
Area: _
Client: Institution
Mission: Technical Design & Supervision
Year: 1986
value: 21 000 000 $


In the early 70's of the last century, the sisters of Saints-Coeurs congregation planned to build new school complexes in multiple regions of Lebanon. The program intended to accommodate approximately 2000 students in 6000 m2 to 8000 m2 of classrooms, labs, workshops, administration building, housing for the staff and sport facilities. "The adopted program for each site had been implemented in the following towns and villages: Ain-Najm, Damour, Kfar-Hbab and Mashgharah. On the other hand, the school of Aley had been extended to receive more students and offers more educational facilities. "

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