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Bon Pasteur Reeducation Centers

City: Shayleh Ain-Aar Ain-Saadeh
Country: Lebanon
Area: _
Client: Institution
Mission: Technical Design & Supervision
Year: 1976
value: 4 000 000 $


Bon Pasteur institution launched at the same time 3 projects in 3 different regions of Lebanon, as part of their welfare activity. Shayleh center (4000 m2) and Ain-Aar center (1500 m2-extension) are dedicated to the abandoned babies and children. The centers offer for them the social and medical care. In addition to the dorms, are provided classrooms, a cantine, multipurpose rooms and outside play areas." On the other hand, Ain-Saadeh Center (4000 m2) provide a home and shelter for single mothers. Dorms, lounges, a cantine and workshops (hand-craft activities) are at their service.

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