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Mont-La-Salle Secondary School

City: Ain-Saadeh
Country: Lebanon
Area: 40 000 m2
Client: Institution
Mission: Design & Review Supervision
Year: 1975
value: 6 000 000 $


At Ain-Saade, on a hill looking over the city of Beirut, the MLS School complex, one of the largest in Lebanon, is totally built in fairfaced concrete with wide glazed openings and brise-soleil were needed. The concept adopted the decentralization of the different school levels, each occupying one independent building with all its related services (principal office, teachers room, meeting room, physics lab, etc). The administration building, in addition to the offices, provide large multipurpose rooms and an amphitheatre dedicated to various activities and performances. The school also offers sports facilities - A gymnasium includes a multi-use covered playground (basket-ball and volley-ball) with bleachers, gymnastic rooms, sanitary installations and changing rooms, an outdoor swimming pool and many tennis courts. - A riding school club with horse barnes. "A building provides, at the main entrance, accomodation facilities for the Frères congregation, owner of this school complex. Lastly, it is important to note that a beautiful and outstanding landscape of greenery and pine trees surrounds these buildings."

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Concept, Design & Implementation by Element I2