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Komatieh Public School

City: Komatieh
Country: Lebanon
Area: 4 000 m2
Client: CDR
Mission: Concept Design, Execution drawings & Supervision
Year: 2003
value: 1 500 000 $


The public school for Komatieh village, and in confirmity with the program prepared by the National Education Ministry, offers to the students of this community a 4 storeys building of approximately 4000 m2. The garden level includes a covered playground with its lockers, changing rooms, a snack and a volley-ball terrain. The 3 upper levels house the pre-elementary section (2 classrooms), the elementary section (6 classrooms) and the intermediate section (3 classrooms). Besides, the school provides a play room, computer room, music and art room, laboratory and a library. Lastly we note that each section has its administration offices, toilets and nursing. The school is provided with the outdoor facilities: playground, volleyball and basketball terrains.

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Concept, Design & Implementation by Element I2