Governmental & Military> Postal Sorting Center (Beirut Int'l Airport)

Postal Sorting Center (Beirut Int'l Airport)

City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Area: 18 000 m2
Client: Hochtief / CCC
Mission: Design Review, Execution Drawings & Technical Assistance
Year: 1995
value: 20 000 000 $


The Postal Sorting Center situated at Beirut International Airport district is a 3-storey rectangular building. The basement includes workshops, the bag dusting zone, file storage, drivers rooms, the technical and mechanical rooms, a loading and unloading platform and lavatories for men and women. The ground floor includes the entrance hall, many offices, the custom section, the incoming and outgoing parcels sorting, the bag opening section, the bag dispatch, the x-ray control and lavatories. Lastly, the first floor comprises both the automatic and manual letter sorting, bag opening section, optical reader, registered letter section as well as offices, sanitary facilities, a canteen and its kitchen.

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Concept, Design & Implementation by Element I2