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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Area: 23 000 m2
Client: CDR
Mission: Concept Design, Competition in Association
Year: 2002
value: 12 000 000 $


"The building was designed to be a landmark in its urban context, knowing that the new Ministry of Foreign Affairs is near the Grand SÚrail, the ESWCA headquarters, the Parliament and the Banks street. This elegant of stone walls and curtain glass, features a ground floor providing lobbies, reception areas, the press office and the consular affairs (mezzanine level) and 6 floors comprising the offices of the different departments of the ministry and the Minister office (6th floor). Lastly, the first basement includes an amphitheatre (205 persons), a banquet hall and 5 basements for parking areas (275 cars)."

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Concept, Design & Implementation by Element I2