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Rehabilitation of the Ministry of Finance - BCD

City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Area: 6 000 mē
Client: CDR
Mission: Redesign Execution drawings (all trades), Tender Documents and Supervision
Year: 2008
value: 3 000 000 $


The building housing the Ministry of Finance in Beirut Central District (Riad El Solh square) has a triangular shape plan and was erected in 1951 with white stone facades. It is composed of 2 basements, one ground floor and 7 upper floors. ETEC's scope was to prepare the execution drawings for the entire rehabilitation of the building (new partition, new administration distribution, plumbing, HVAC, fire fighting and detection, electrical works, etc.) in order to respond to the new and future requirements of the Ministry needs, and to transform the ministry to a smart building.

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