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SWCC Headquarter

City: Riyadh
Country: Saudi Arabia
Area: 36 000 m2
Client: Government
Mission: Design & Supervision
Year: 1982
value: 25 000 000 $


The Headquarters of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation in Riyadh, occupy a site of 20 000m2 at the junction of 2 main roads, one from the airport to the east and the other from the city center to the south. The SWCC is a group of buildings of 5 storeys comprising the offices of 3 main departments: the Governor's and Board of Director's department, the Administration and Finance department and the Projects and Planning departments. In addition, are provided the following: reception halls, a conference hall for 350 persons, canteens, a Mosque, workshops, lavatories, technical installations and a covered parking for 200 vehicles. Lastly, we note that the architectural design is responsive to the climatic conditions and the traditional techniques of Najdi architecture.

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Concept, Design & Implementation by Element I2