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Planning & Development of Beirut Southwestern Suburbs

City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Area: 580 Ha
Client: Establishment of Elyssar
Mission: Revision of the Master Plan preparation of Expropriation file
Year: 2004
value: 70 000 000 $


The planning and development of Beirut Southwestern Suburbs is regarded by the Lebanese Government, as one of the strategic projects aiming to accomplish 3 main aims: - Ensure the economic development of the area through improving the living standard of local residents. - Provide possibility for future growth through optimizing land redistribution, and allow for a normal and planned growth of urban activities in the future. - Complement the planning efforts associated with the rest of Beirut by creating development opportunities by the sea front along 3 kms of sandy beaches and by upgrading the infrastructure installations and public services around the metropolitan area.

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