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Grand Axis of Beirut

City: Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Area: -
Client: Solidère
Mission: Competition
Year: 2004
value: -


Our concept for the Grand Axis of Beirut (in the BCD) envisages a city hovering above open spaces, which are free to flow in and out and under the buildings. In a 3-dimensional way, there are similarities with the layers of ancient Beirut, to be found underground. The Grand Axis could become a major green lung for the city. Measuring some 200 meters across the open space will allow, ventilation throughout the development and penetration of breezes to and from other areas of the City. Also, the Grand Axis will include the most important archeological find of the city and the marina promenade leading to the Corniche and a waterfront development including the sophisticated design of the harbour, its shops, restaurants and streetscape.

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Concept, Design & Implementation by Element I2