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5 Municipal Incinerators

City: Jounieh, Tripoly, Saida, Zahle, Beit-Eddine
Country: Lebanon
Area: _
Client: CDR
Mission: Design
Year: 1986 - 1988
value: 100 000 000 $


ETEC established the design and studies related to the construction of 5 incinerators only for household refuse in 5 different cities in Lebanon: Jounieh, Tripoly, Saida, Zahle and Beit-Eddine. The project includes also the necessary annex buildings such as offices, storing and stocking, technical and mechanical. ETEC took into consideration a study carried out by the CDR in cooperation with the PNUD and the OMS. The capacity of these incinerators is as follows: Jounieh: 350 t/day, Tripoly: 350 t/day, Saida: 150 t/day, Zahle: 200 t/day and Beit-Eddine: 150 t/day.

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