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Sibline Cement Factory Extension

City: Sibline
Country: Lebanon
Area: _
Client: Technip
Mission: Technical Design In Association
Year: 1996 - 1998
value: 25 000 000 $


The extension of Sibline Cement Factory consists of constructing a 2nd line of production in order to have an increase of 2400 t/day.
It includes Crushing Plant, Conveyor System Foundation, Gamma Analyzer, Crushing electrical s/stations 12, Preblending bldg., Conveyor system foundation, Twin transfer towers, Raw material mix, Hoppers Feeding tower around mill conditioning tower, Chimney stack, Diesel Electrical s/station, Klin exhaust fan, Grate cooler draught fan, Final draught fan, Preheater lift, Klin foundation, Tertiary air duct, Cooler, Burner floor & cyclones, Sanitary unit, unburnt silo foundation, Clinker stacker, Cement mill bldg, Grinding elec. s/station 16, Ball mill foundation, driving unit CKP grinder found, Empty Bags storage bldg, Bagging elec. s/station 17, Bagging shipping building, Fuel oil tank found./bundwall, Main electrical substation, Diesel electrical substation 14-2, Clinker loading system, Weighbridge pit & controle room, Additives loading system, Main water tabj, Fans handling structure found, Fuel oil pumping station, Water treatment hous & elelc. s/st., Water cooler basin, Drinking water pressurized tank, spare parts warehouse.

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