ETEC, Consulting Engineers s.a.l, is usually appointed by different Government Agencies, Corporate and Individual Investors for consulting services.
Since several years, a substantial part of ETEC activities is addressed to Contractors in order to prepare for them the working drawings as well as the shop-drawings related to different engineering disciplines of construction mainly:
• Architectural and finishing drawings.
• Civil, structural and bar bending schedules.
• Electro – Mechanical drawings.
• Value Engineering works.

Our services cover a large range of activities from basic engineering to global solutions:
• Surveys, feasibility studies and master plans.
• Concept design.
• Detailed construction drawings and shop-drawings covering Architectural, Structural,
Electro – Mechanical and Civil works.
• Tender documents: contract conditions, technical specifications and bills of quantities.
• Site supervision: quality, progress and cost control.

ETEC has its references in:
• Buildings: Commercial centers, Housing and Offices, Hotels and Resorts, Schools and Universities,
Religious buildings, Hospitals, Industrial constructions, Governmental and Military buildings, etc…
• Civil & Infrastructures: Highways and Bridges, Sewerages, Irrigation and Flood control,
Electrical Power Plants, TV Networks, Reservoirs and Pumping stations, Water Desalination plants,
Sea Structures, etc…
• Electrical: Lighting, Power and Low Current Systems
• Mechanical: HVAC and Plumbing works
• Feasibility Studies

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