About Us

ETEC is one of the Middle East’s most established and experienced engineering practices. Our project experience ranges from large-scale infrastructure projects and residential complexes to institutional and industrial developments.

ETEC's practice is based on a holistic approach, from conception through to completion. With strong creative teams, working alongside structural and environmental engineers - supported by numerous in-house disciplines, ensuring robust expertise and resources are always on hand.

ETEC works with its clients to develop solutions that are functional, constructible, and meet the challenges of today. Our unwavering commitment to maximize the benefits and deliver projects on schedule is testimony to our continued success for over 50 years.

ETEC references include:

  • Buildings: Commercial centers, Housing and Offices, Hotels and Resorts, Schools and Universities
  • Religious buildings, Hospitals, Industrial constructions, Governmental and Military buildings
  • Civil & Infrastructures: Highways and Bridges, Sewerages, Irrigation and Flood control
  • Electrical Power Plants, Networks, Reservoirs and Pumping stations, Water Desalination plants
  • Sea Structures
  • Electrical: Lighting, Power and Low Current Systems
  • Mechanical: HVAC and
  • Plumbing works
  • Feasibility Studies


  • 1965

    Engineer Joseph Bechir and a group of young partners founded one of the first Engineering Consulting firms in Beirut, Lebanon, as a Joint Stock Company.

  • 1969

    ETEC extended its professional activities to Saudi Arabia immediately followed by a quick expansion to other countries in the middle East, Africs and Europe.

  • Today

    After four decades, and under Engineer Elie Abou-Jaoude's direction, ETEC continues as a successful institution, and with its devoted staff, to generate an unrivaled reputation for excellence.

"Bound by excellence and innovation our experts offer solutions and services that span the complete architecture and consulting engineering sectors"