Standards without compromise

To ensure outstanding quality at all steps within a project, ETEC builds quality assurance and quality control into every project we undertake. We provide inspection, engineering and quality control in a reliable, independent and impartial manner and complying with standards and specifications without compromising from our values,

  • Quality control is our major concern, it is an integral part of our business.
  • ETEC maintains high standards for quality as per ISO recommendations.
  • Our Project Managers, armed with the empowerment policy, apply Quality System Procedures to all our design units and to all joint – ventures.
  • At the completion of each project, lessons learned are documented and archived.
  • Improvement of our work methodology, technical and managerial, is in permanent development.
  • We advocate cutting edge technical, professional and safety standards
  • To be part of the discussion - seeking to influence industry thinking

Quality control has been at the heart of ETEC's practice since our inception . Having put program controls and management at the center of out specialist services constantly updating our check lists to meet ever-evolving code - passing on the gains to our client's. Through collaboration, training, and thorough understanding of processes and procedures, ETEC quality control and recommendations transform the most demanding requirements in project success.

"The primary goal of every project is to end up with a high-quality product while staying within budget and on schedule. ETEC’s in-house quality control expertise keeps projects on track
from start up to