ETEC has an established track record, urban planning and infrastructure projects.

ETEC’s urban planning and infrastructure team is a specialist in the complexity of issues facing modern population centres; we concentrate on design excellence, backed by a years of experience and technical knowhow.

In urban planning both forward vision and pragmatism is needed to achieve success. In meeting with requirements, careful consideration of planning code, environmental, landscape and financing coupled with stringent project management and scheduling are key to meeting client’s objectives.

Key experience includes major master plans, urban design infrastructure, integrated transport solutions, new city planning and re-generation of brownfield sites.

Urban development at its core requires a comprehensive and integrated approach for which ETEC is ideally set-up to provide - with capabilities, from transport planning to public space design, innovative traffic solutions support and planning for future evolutions.

ETEC’s management team leads with experience and confidence, providing clarity, quality assurance and sustainable development, for long term economic viability.

"With experience in a range of complex schemes, we deliver expert solutions in a comprehensive and integrated approach."